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What is the JNF doing?

Dear Samuel Hayek,Historically, the JNF played a major role in founding the state of Israel, helping to create a thriving country for the Jewish people.However, we are concerned about the JNF's involvement in activities which jeopardize the possibility of peace and Israel's ability to maintain a strong democracy. Evictions of Palestinians from their homes in Silwan, East Jerusalem and the displacement of Bedouins living in the Negev town of al-Araqib to make way for a forestation project, both of which the JNF have been involved in, are harmful to Israel's future. Your announcement that you will be hosting Avigdor Lieberman in London does nothing to allay our concerns. Lieberman is the leader of a far-right party, and alongside instigating anti-democratic legislation in the Knesset, has also advocated for the transfer of many of Israelís Arab citizens to the West Bank.The JNF claims to be "Israel's leading humanitarian charity" but we question what you are doing to support peace and equality in Israel, as outlined in the declaration of independence. We look forward to hearing your response,

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